Gone are the days of when sales & marketing can continue to work in isolated silos, each with its own independent revenue goals and key performance metrics. In order to maximize revenue growth and ensure business goals are consistently met, today’s sales & marketing teams must be aligned and integrated, working in tandem to be better prepared at every step of the sales process.

Marketing and sales teams that lack integration struggle with information gaps, resulting in frustration and lost opportunities.

Sales leads don’t magically become opportunities and closed business, they need to be advanced toward purchase by sales professionals. These teams need effective collateral and other sales tools to support their activity.

The content marketing trend has steadily built over the past few years. Today much of this content is produced and delivered by marketing organizations. This approach provides relevant and engaging information to prospects. The challenge with content marketing as a sales enablement tool is how to ensure that sales people have access to the most effective content when they need it.

Relying on traditional content management tools to discover content is a recipe for time wasting and inconsistent messaging. Technologies that deliver the right collateral, at the right time to reps, in a tool such as the iPad have proven to be vastly more effective.

With Woolloo we have focused our business on addressing this challenge and our out of the box integration with Salesforce.com creates the most advanced Face-2-Face content marketing & opportunity revenue recognition solution for B2B sales organizations.