In a world of mass communication technologies, one truth about communication hasn’t changed: People prefer to get information face-to-face.

With this in mind, how does one deliver an effective face-to-face engagement encompassing the balance between identifying the customer problems whilst articulating one’s own service or product value.

Let’s first take a look at the needs of each stakeholder.

The Customer:

Firstly, let’s recognise that all customers are different, particularly within the b2b sales process, and that each customer will require a dynamic engagement approach from a sales executive. However let’s also recognise some universal themes: the customer has limited time, ever increasing responsibilities.

So what do customers want? Customers want a valued engagement that consists primarily of: honest and lively discussions, two-way communication, contextual & comprehensive information.

The Sales Executive:

In the context of face-to-face engagements, sales have limited time to prepare information, need to find the balance between capturing customer insights and articulating capability, and have limited time post-meeting for internal administration such as CRM updates. Finding ways to quickly access the latest information and tailor to the required discussion is critical.

Marketing Manager:

Perhaps a not so obvious stakeholder – Marketing have a clear understanding of the customer value proposition, however traditionally lack the control and capture of content insights for face-to-face sales engagements, including what information is presented to what customers and in what manner. Being able to control information, ensure brand consistency, and capture the content use analytics for each customer engagement is highly desirable.

So how are we enabling our customers to help tackle these challenges?

With woolloo we have created an iPad app to address these challenges for sales and marketing, and improve the overall b2b customer experience.

woolloo enables seamless delivery of customer engagements, enabling both sales executives and marketing teams to bring their brand(s) and associated propositions to the forefront of the customer discussion whilst providing the appropriate analytics to help manage the content and customer lifecycle. In short woolloo:

  • Reduces sales executive prep-time,
  • Ensures instant and easy access to the latest sales materials real-time
  • Reduces CRM administration, by automating sales insights into
  • Ensures control of content delivery including consistent brand messaging
  • Provides detailed content analytics for each customer engagement
  • Enables measurement of content ROI for management of the content lifecycle.