In an ideal world, sales and marketing would have open lines of communication but traditional divisions between marketing and sales teams often lead to uncoordinated strategy and execution efforts. Since marketing teams are usually not on sales calls and are essentially removed from the face-to-face sales process, they often are creating marketing materials in a vacuum.

Perhaps, they have occasional dialogue with a handful of people from the sales team, but this only provides a limited view into what resonates with customers. Because they lack this critical insight, they often find themselves creating tons of content and collateral that has limited impact because it’s not what the sales team wants or needs to drive the sales cycle. Or worse yet, the sales team doesn’t even know it exists. The work marketers do means nothing if they don’t get it in the salespeople’s hands and on the tips of their tongues.

The concern for Sales Reps

Sales reps are looking for quick facts of information to help them know what to do and say in the different stages of the sales cycle. Leading analysts suggest that 45% of sales reps take 1-5 days to find critical sales assets. Referred to as ‘information overload’, sales executives find it difficult to locate and access the appropriate sales materials within the appropriate timeframes of the sales cycle. This results in missed sales opportunities, poor content ROI, inconsistent brand messaging and mixed impacts on customer engagement.

Rise Marketing Rise!

Fortunately, Marketing has an increased range of game changing technologies at their disposal including: cloud based technologies, CRM and lead management software systems, Tablet based hardware and a number of mobile sales applications. Operating real-time, these technologies enable sales to have a much timelier, accurate and detailed conversation with the customer. These technologies also allow marketing to significantly improve visibility, gaining a deeper understanding of both sales and customer insights during the sales cycle. From a management perspective, this ensures a closer alignment of lead conversion activities, strategic planning initiatives and financial investment directly associated with winning more customers.

Begin with the end in mind..

There is no doubt, companies that transform their sales and marketing alignment are more likely to increase revenue, market share and associated contribution to bottom line profits.

Execute change, align with woolloo

Fortunately with woolloo, sales and marketing managers can abolish the traditional silo-based sales and marketing practices, and adopt a new integrated approach that delivers: fast access to the latest sales materials, deeper sales insights, detailed content marketing analytics, consistent brand messaging and improved customer engagements. With woolloo sales and marketing can bridge the divide, fostering improved alignment for better sales and marketing outcomes.