Today marks our release of our State of Sales Engagement blog series. Over the next weeks tune in to our feed for helpful tips and insights on what today’s most successful organisations are doing in the space of sales engagement.

A sometimes hard to quantify metric ‘engagement’ is used heavily in the social sphere when sharing content to audiences. However engagement is increasingly being extended beyond just digital and being viewed in more customer centric processes as it pertains to a broader philosophy of your companies approach to doing business and should not be limited to only digital interactions.

Only when you realise the importance of every interaction can you truly gain a accurate assessment of ‘engagement’ for a particular campaign or call-cycle. At woolloo we aim in providing an easy to use content distribution platform that takes advantage of one of the most fundamental extensions of physical communication. The mobile device.

As our customers shift to a more mobile first approach to all facets of life, organisations need to ensure they are leveraging this channel as an extension of their physical interactions as well as an opportunity to on-board customers to more self-serve environments while still maintaining a relationship with brand identity.

At woolloo we call this approach the ‘digital rep’ and in a modern call cycle the digital rep has the ability to replace a B2B salesperson or compliment their face to face customer meeting, allowing organisations to extend reach, increase share of wallet or improve efficiency of existing teams. Our release of woolloo for Marketing as an off-the-shelf mobile engagement offering for customers, partners and staff allows organisations with a thought out field strategy to harness a powerful tool in staying engaged beyond the point of influence of a call cycle.

Download our State of Sales Engagement whitepaper today and see what the modern call plan could look like in your organisation.