In our current mobile first constantly connected digital age where our interactions can be as basic as snapping a photo on our phone and sending it to our “story”, the act of sending an email to someone to convey a message seems somewhat antiquated. Right?

So that said, there has got to be a better way to communicate with our customers, partners and staff. A way that they are already familiar with and already using on a day to day basis in their lives. Hrmmm if only there was some mobile based communication mechanism…

Sure we have to accept these notifications with our apps but the majority of us don’t bat an eyelid at our apps request to send these short nifty messages to us in push format. They’re great little things. Upon swipe you’re taken directly to the app in question and directly to the content the app provider wanted us to read, view, engage, click, swipe, share or interact with. Kind of like an email with an automatic click through  =o


In a Salesforce Mobile Behaviour Report it was found that of the users that participated it was found that and I quote:

“Push messages are also effective in engaging consumers immediately. Only 8% wait or ignore the notification before checking it.”

Only 8%!!! That’s pretty effective.

Perhaps it leads into the OCD nature of the human mind in some way. Seeing that notification. Knowing that app will now have a red badge hovering over it if you ignore it (1), That obsession to clear it from your conscience.


Where scene’s like the one above give most of us acute anxiety attacks, a throwback to email’s glory days on the old crack-berry where that savage flashing red light would drive you insane until you view that email from your boss telling you to include that cover sheet on your TPS report …

office space

Whoa! Whoops. Sorry about that tangent, flash backs I guess.

So back on track, by my calculation that is a 92% STR [Swipe Through Rate], counter that with the industry average CTR [Click Through Rate] of an email campaign of ~3-5% (source: mailchimp email benchmarks) and it’s obvious email isn’t exactly an effective mechanism for driving an immediate response or engagement with users.

Learning to harness to power of push in any modern digital strategy is key to successful engagement, and in the modern sales cycle it can be a hugely effective mechanism to drive compliance, on-boarding and communicate promotional and marketing messages to your trade partners, channel and customers. It can even compliment your email campaigns, why not give your users the ability to choose their method of interaction?

Now, building mobile apps capable of push notifications to my customers or partners is expensive I hear you say. Well luckily we the team at woolloo have already thought that through. 😉

Our latest product release – woolloo for marketing is an off-the-shelf mobile engagement offering that allows any organisation to leverage the power of push to communicate with their customers, partners and staff. (You can sign up for a 14-day trial –> here)

Used in conjunction with a thought out field strategy and digital call plan woolloo for marketing can help organisations compliment their field interactions and analyse their content engagements. View our infographic on the future of Sales Engagement below along with some eye opening stats on field content effectiveness from CSO Insights.


Download our State of Sales Engagement whitepaper today and see what the modern call plan could look like in your organisation and while you’re at it why not put our advice to good use and sign up for a 14-day trial today.

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