Wow what an awesome turn out that was. Over 10,000 people queued up to attend the massive SaaS event that is the Salesforce World Tour, and as the sun sets on another year of world touring we’d like to thank all of the customers, prospects and partners we met and engaged with during last weeks events.

To all those that came out and grabbed some popcorn treats to stay energised throughout the keynote and breakouts, to those that popped by our booth to chat about our latest product release woolloo for marketing it was an exciting event filled day for us all.

We especially enjoyed talking to our customers about some of the common pit falls they are seeing in their organisations around sales enablement and call cycle engagement.

Some common themes I came across [in top 5 order] were:

(1) Ability to consistently brand mobile experiences

(2) Ability to track staff and customer views / usage of content

(3) Cost of bespoke mobile app builds

(4) Ease of mobile deployment to field

(5) Core Salesforce adoption issues with the Salesforce1 app

These are issues clients I engage with deal with day to day and the smart team here at woolloo are trying to solve them bit by bit with our range of mobile tools. It’s great to get feedback from our community and the salesforce ecosystem on what is working and what could work better. We’ve put all the insightful conversations we had into our think tank and we’ll be aiming to incorporate the great ideas we heard into our roadmap over the coming months.

There were also some massive announcements on the SFDC front not least of which was the fact that a AWS collabo data center is finally coming the way of Australia!!! This is a big step for salesforce with many prospects I’ve interacted with on the brink of inking deals have been shy to commit with their own data residency and sovereignty issues. With this announcement it seems this hurdle is well and truly negotiated so I’m excited to see what it means for the growth of the Australian SFDC install-base.

It’s going to be a HUGE year for us and our salesforce collaboration, our integration roadmap is constantly being tweaked and updated to make sure our rich source of mobile interaction analytics are fully visualised and acted upon in salesforce instances everywhere.

So with that said watch this space and reach out if you want to find out how best to leverage our connector in your Salesforce instance to analyse your mobile content interactions and improve your sales enablement efforts.


Our latest release of woolloo for marketing as an off-the-shelf mobile engagement offering for customers, partners and staff allows organisations with a thought out field strategy to harness a powerful tool in staying engaged beyond the point of influence of a call cycle.

Download our State of Sales Engagement whitepaper today and see what the modern call plan could look like in your organisation and while you’re at it why not put our advice to good use and sign up for a 14-day trial today.