Analytics matters. Closing the loop matters. The buzzword for 2017 ‘AI’ matters (although perhaps most are not quite there yet).

So how do you achieve such a holistic approach to something as vague as ‘engagement’? Well, like anything sales is a process and the closer we can tie that process to insight about our customer the more successful we are at it. I call this sales engagement, and it’s trackable.

You can even score it!

Take every touchpoint with your customer (digital and personal along your customers sales journey with your organisation) and give yourself a (1) for every one of these points that you track something pertaining to that engagement. Your tally of 1’s over the number of touch points you have is your score.

As you can see data is key! duh!

Data about your customer and your customer interactions are insights. You can leverage those insights for next best offer intelligence, and to even close the loop and get ROI on content produced for your sales interactions.

We’re proud to announce the completion of our end-to-end integration of our mobile toolsets and content distribution platform with This includes both the woolloo for sales AND woolloo for marketing sides of our product.

Our connector is free and now allows our customers to track content, product and sales interactions with their customers at and beyond the call cycle. It’s a huge day!

This data can now be used by our existing Woolloo + Salesforce customers to leverage tools like Einstein (Salesforce’s AI tool) to find unique insights and trends of what marketing messaging is resonating in the field.

Our latest release of woolloo for marketing as an off-the-shelf mobile engagement offering for customers, partners and staff allows organisations with a thought out field strategy to harness a powerful tool in staying engaged beyond the point of influence of a call cycle.

Download our State of Sales Engagement whitepaper today and see what the modern call plan could look like in your organisation and while you’re at it why not put our advice to good use and sign up for a 14-day trial today.