So another Dreamforce is done and Wow! 170,000 attendees locking down most of downtown San Francisco CBD! It always amazes me how much clout salesforce have in this town!

Every year salesforce generally announce a new product or cloud application. This year, it was a little different. AI took centre stage and it was glaringly obvious that Salesforce focused a lot more on personalisation, rolling out fully customisable versions of their software platform and tools.

Salesforce kicked off Dreamforce by announcing new personalised versions of a number of its apps and services, including myEinstein, myIoT [Internet of Things], myLightning, myTrailhead, and mySalesforce (formerly the Salesforce1 mobile app).

Each custom Salesforce product also packs some new features. In myEinstein, companies can now take advantage of a more democratised approach to business insights through salesforce’s configurable version of the Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The prediction builder and Einstein Bots are seemingly designed to simplify machine learning (ML) and data science with declarative point-and-click tooling.

This is great for companies and products that LOVE data! Like us here at 😉

Here’s a quick rundown of the new “AI” and mobile product announcements and how they apply to current and future salesforce and woolloo customers 🙂

  • myEinstein

    The myEinstein platform is a collection of services designed to automate and abstract away the complexity of building AI apps and ML models. It’s built for administrators, developers, and everyday business users who don’t have coding or database expertise. The new product release is an approach to instil the Salesforce mantra of “clicks not code” to deploying AI models utilising both structured and unstructured Salesforce data. The goal is to generate personalised business recommendations and predictions. We see huge potential in applying this across the existing rich data woolloo for sales already stores around field interactions and woolloo for marketing captured around customer interactions with promotions, training and compliance requests. Imagine being able to automate recommendations to executives and marketing on which products, content and promotions are moving the needle most in sales and engagement across your business interactions! We can’t wait to build it’s use into our standard product demonstrations.

  • Einstein Prediction Builder

    Einstein Prediction Builder is Salesforce’s version of Data Science-as-a-Service. The tool lets businesses create custom AI models on any Salesforce field or object to generate predictive analytics for scenarios such as the most effective action to take in a sales or service interaction.This is just super cool! Anyone can now go in and build a “prediction component” add it to a page-layout and have it scrape data across any object and field in Salesforce, including woolloo’s own custom insights object 😉 … See where I’m going with this? Administrators can now utilise our engagement insights to provide even richer recommendation components or provide predictions around how certain promotions being run may effect downstream sales. It’s pretty groundbreaking and this ability to use our data to provide pro-active advice to organisations running field engagement and retail execution strategies excites us a tonne!

  • Einstein Bots

    Einstein Bots is a little more about playing catch-up, giving Salesforce a bot builder to create and deploy Einstein-powered chatbots. Tools such as the Microsoft Bot Framework and IBM’s Watson Virtual Agent platform already do this. Now Salesforce, too, will let businesses and developers quickly build, train, and launch customer service bots and virtual agents within chat apps, websites, or anywhere you’d like to embed the conversational AI. Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Bots are currently in pilot and are expected to be generally available in summer 2018.

  • mySalesforce (RIP Salesforce1)

    Formerly the slow and clunky Salesforce1 mobile app, mySalesforce is a custom-branded, mobile low-code development platform. It lets businesses build custom Android and iOS apps and list them directly in the App Store and Google Play Store. The mySalesforce apps are built with the Salesforce Lightning App Builder, which has a drag-and-drop library of semi configurable components, such as calendars, dashboards, and task managers. All the components can be custom-branded with a company’s logo and theme. There’s also a new Listings Wizard to speed up publishing, with step-by-step instructions, testing, and configuration to get your app approved by Apple and Google. MySalesforce will be available soon to any Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, or Salesforce Platform customer. We’re envisioning that custom component support will be released soon after it’s GA and user will be able to use any objects or existing packages (e.g. woolloo insights) to produce white-labelled apps.