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Here you’ll find all the legal information for our products, services and websites.

Legal centre

Here you’ll find all the legal information for our products, services and websites.

Master subscription agreement

This is our contract with you – our commitment as a service provider and your obligations as a customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in woolloo’s products and services. We recognise that sometimes lawyers and contract professionals are asked to review an agreement without being given a complete understanding of what is being purchased which is why we have prepared the following FAQ as you review the woolloo Master Subscription Agreement.

What is woolloo?

The woolloo solution consists of a cloud-based managed package installed via Salesforce AppExchange within a Customer’s Salesforce organization coupled with downloadable and locally installed iOS or iPadOS applications, which Users deploy on their devices via the Apple App Store. Together, these are designed to provide a simple yet sophisticated solution to help Users complete objectives, take orders, measure distribution, ensure promotional participation and capture real-time intelligence with precision and ease.

What data does woolloo collect?

woolloo is deployed as a managed package installed via Salesforce AppExchange within your Salesforce organization and all of your Data is hosted on the SFDC Services hosting platform. SFDC host the Services and information about SFDC security controls can be found here. Terms applicable in respect of such hosting of your Data are set out in the Master Subscription Agreement and Schedule 1 to our Master Subscription Agreement.

What are the limitations of liability?

woolloo offers market standard limitation of liability in its Master Subscription Agreement. The limitation of liability is mutual, allows both parties to disclaim any consequential and incidental damages, and caps the liability of both parties to an amount that is commensurate with the value of the customer’s subscription. In addition, woolloo will defend and settle any third-party IP infringement claims against a customer as a result of the woolloo products and services.

What Support Services do you provide?

woolloo provides multiple levels of support so you can choose the level that best fits your requirements and ensures that you receive the most benefit from your perfect store initiatives. 

Can I attach my own security terms?

No. The security measures and controls that SFDC implements are the same for every customer, and woolloo cannot implement different controls for any one customer. Additional information about SFDC security controls with prospective customers can be found at

Will woolloo review our agreement?

No. woolloo’s Master Subscription Agreement has been carefully and specifically drafted to reflect the manner in which woolloo offers its products and services, and woolloo cannot adjust the terms governing its set of products and services specifically for any one customer. woolloo for Retail is delivered using a one-to-many model, meaning it is provided on a single codebase for all our customers. As a result, woolloo has less flexibility to adjust contractual terms than a traditional on-premise software provider or custom application developer. woolloo has gone to great lengths to create a contract that is customer-friendly in order to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to finalize agreements by taking our customers’ common requests and objections and pro-actively addressing them in our Master Subscription Agreement. Therefore, woolloo can only offer our products and services under our Master Subscription Agreement and cannot accommodate a different form agreement.

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We love helping teams make a difference