Creating the perfect sales territory management plan: what you need to know

February 22, 2022

If you’re a retail field rep or you manage a team of field reps, you’ll know that creating the perfect sales territory management plan is not just about keeping a record of when a store was last visited and avoiding traffic on the way there. 

There is so much information that’s required to create an effective sales territory management plan, including what promotions need attention first, how many activities need to be actioned and when. If you don’t have a robust and effective strategy for creating your call plans, you risk having sales outcomes that fail to meet promotional KPIs.

How many sales opportunities are you losing by not visiting the right store during a promotion? Switch to an intuitive platform and give your field reps a competitive advantage

The problem with sales territory management plans

While retail field operations went digital a long time ago, existing solutions basically migrated offline processes to online systems, and did little to answer the fundamental question of ‘where can my field team make the most impact?’.

It’s great being able to use an iPad and take photos, but the trouble is that managers are still wasting hours creating sales territory management plans for their teams using spreadsheets. What’s more, a lot of the plans they come up with are based on guesswork… or field teams just end up following the same call plan they’ve always followed without prioritising the key wins.

When you’re faced with 200 stores for one rep to visit during a promotion, how do you make sure that the ones they make it to will deliver the best results?

And, what do you do when everything suddenly changes (as it so often does), and you need to start over?

Creating the perfect sales territory management plan

When you create a sales territory management plan, you need to take into account the following questions:

  • What promotions are active when, and for which stores?
  • How many activities need to be completed for each promotion and what is their priority?
  • When is the next call scheduled and does it fall within the promotion period?
  • When was a store visited last and are we meeting service levels?
  • Where can a field rep make the most impact based on the store grade and promotional value?

When you have the answers to all these questions in front of you, store visits become easier to plan and the work of your field reps deliver measurably better results.

What has been missing until now is a way to access all this information then draw from it to create a call plan that is based on facts, not assumptions.

This is where woolloo is different.

The missing piece of the puzzle

Speed is the new competitive advantage and retail field teams need to be as agile as the conditions they operate in.

At woolloo, we have listened to our users and added to our solution by incorporating artificial intelligence, data analysis and smart algorithm features.

What does all that mean?

In short, our platform brings together all the details about stores, promotions, planned visits and more to make real-time recommendations on what stores should be visited. woolloo intelligently analyses promotion value, the priority of different activities, visit frequency, account grade, and planned visits, delivering a solution that takes away the guesswork and stress of creating sales territory management plans. 

As a result, you and your team are able to plan and prioritise more effectively. And when things change, you get instant access to a fresh set of real-time recommendations.

We invested in this technology after asking field sales leaders what their biggest pain points were and what would help them to overcome them. The result of their feedback and our efforts is intelligently-created call plans that use smart, data-based algorithms to save you hours of time and maximise the results of your promotions.

    woolloo helps our field reps visit the right store at the right time for better results

    Removing the guesswork from creating the perfect call plan is just one of the many features our retail execution solution offers. Find out more.

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