Store managers: Boost your sales with Virtual REP

March 8, 2022

As the owner or manager of a supermarket, grocery store, petrol & convenience service station or other retail outlet in Australia, if you’re not in the middle of a major urban centre (and even sometimes if you are), you’ll often find your store overlooked for promotional opportunities.

This isn’t personal! The challenge is that even the biggest suppliers just don’t have enough field reps to make it to every store that’s out there. Because of this, they have to work out a call plan strategy and focus on the ‘easy wins’.

It’s frustrating to miss out on promotions but it’s worth remembering that suppliers are stressed by this as well. Focusing on a small number of stores for promotions may be the most profitable strategy for them but being unable to reach regional stores in person means missed sales opportunities for everybody.

For too long, stores have lost sales from missing out on a new product launch or promotional campaign simply because a rep couldn’t visit or was in-between visits.

At woolloo, we learned from our retail industry partners and contacts just how much of a challenge this is… so we decided to come up with a solution.

Introducing Virtual REP®

Imagine opening your smartphone to see a steady feed of promotional opportunities that you can choose to participate in.

In an instant, you can access a stream of new products and promotions from the world’s most loved brands.

With just a tap, you’ll have everything you need to get started — new product details and offers, promotional marketing material, and so much more.  

A couple more taps and photos are taken and shared with your brand representative.


Participating in new promotions has never been easier

No more waiting for field reps to turn up. 

No more missing out because you’re not located in a metro area

And plenty of incentives so you can choose the promotions that work for your store.

This user-friendly mobile app has been built from the ground up so it meets the specific needs of the FMCG industry. As a store manager, you will benefit by:

✓ Never missing a new product or promotion

✓ Receiving notifications about promotions that suit your customers

✓ The ability to opt-in to new promotions and rebates

✓ Effortless promotion participation with photo verification

The best news is that you can download and start using the app for free.

The solution the FMCG industry has been waiting for

Major suppliers don’t want great stores to miss out on their promotions. The challenges of geography, limited resources and the number of stores have in the past seemed insurmountable.

With Virtual REP®, relying on field reps to visit is a thing of the past as power is transferred directly to participating stores. You will always have a point of contact so you and your team can participate in promotions and have access to the products you need.

We have designed the app to deliver a win/win for retailers and suppliers of all sizes. The benefit for suppliers is a greatly expanded reach and higher engagement with stores. And the best part is that you get to participate in promotions that grow sales.

Your customers benefit as you will be able to offer them timely and relevant promotions that you may not otherwise had been able to access.

Virtual REP® is simple to use, giving you a real-time feed of new promotions from big-name and boutique brands.

It’s a game-changer for the FMCG industry so reach out to us today to be one of the first to experience it.

    Virtual REP® is a game-changer. It redefined what we thought was possible with our service model

    Want to boost your in-store promotion outcomes like never before? Book a demonstration of Virtual REP® now.

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    We love helping teams make a difference